Sunday, August 11, 2013

Homework Late Pass Freebie!

 I have always had a problem giving homework passes. I have a hard time with allowing a student to skip a homework assignment. I find many students skip the assignment that they most need the practice in. And that would drive me crazy! So my solution is these homework late passes. A student can pass in his/her assignment one day late without penalty. My students loved getting these. Many would save them for a day that they forgot their homework or would hold on to them so they would not have homework on their birthday.

Awarding Homework Late Passes -

My students can earn a late pass several ways. The first and easiest way is to donate a box of tissues, a roll of paper towels, or hand sanitizer to the classroom. I allow the students to earn one late pass each month this way. This worked so well this pass year that I never had to purchase any of the these items and have ten boxes of tissues left over. I also use the passes as rewards. I might award a late pass to a shy student who takes a risk by raising their hand for the first time in class or give them to students who go out of their way to be helpful or a good friend. The possibilities are endless and FREE. We all know how expensive it can get to fill the prize box.

So if you would like to try out my homework late passes, click on the picture below.

Do you use homework passes?
How do you award homework passes?



  1. I like this idea better than a no homework pass for the same reasons you talked about. Thanks for this!


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