Monday, May 16, 2016

Book Shares

Looking for a quick and easy assignment that is sure to get your students excited about reading? Head over to Focused on Fifth and check out my post on book shares.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Keep It Simple: Free Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

In my district, Mother's Day is the Sunday before our second and final wave of testing. To say to we have limited time to stop and do something creative is an understatement. At the same time, I don't want high stakes testing to suck the fun out of the school year any more that it does. Plus, moms deserve to be recognized!

So here are some simple Mother's Day ideas that won't take too much time but I'm sure any mother will appreciate. And they are all FREE!

This first idea comes for Adventures of a Schoolmarm. Her Mother's Day Mini Book is perfect for upper elementary students.
click on the image to get the freebie!
Your students can personalize the pages and add an unique cover. 

Valerie Steinhardt also has a free Mother's Day gift idea. Her Ice Cream Scoop Book is an adorable craft and writing project. 
click on the image to get the freebie!
For the younger grades, The Teacher Gene has this adorable Mother's Day Poem.
click on the image to get the freebie!
Just add the child's hand print and signature and you are done.

Here is a tried and true one. The Mother's Day Coupon Book.  Michelle Harper has a cute free printable you can use.
click on the image to get the freebie!

As sad as it is to think of, some students don't have mothers, so Mother's Day can be tricky. I usually speak to the child individually and suggest they make a Mother's Day card for another special woman in their life, such as a grandmother or aunt. But sometimes just having it say "Mother's Day" can be too much for a student. So in my Mother's Day freebie I included a card that reads "Happy Spring" and a blank one for students who prefer not to make a "Mother's Day" card.

 This one was made for the child's grandmother
Lifting the petal reveals the kind words underneath 
You can get this for free here.

How do you help your students celebrate Mother's Day? I would love for you share your Mother's Day gift ideas in the comment section below.

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