Friday, August 5, 2016

Keep It Simple: Classroom Door Display

Last summer when I was searching for some inspiration on Pinterest, I found this adorable door display.
(click image to go to original pin)

I knew I just had to do it. 

I put this display up before Open House and kept it up all year.  This picture was taken at the end of the year so the flower had wilted a bit. I laminated the saying so I could use it again.

Our team is departmentalized so I teach math to all the fifth graders. I had each student decorated a hand print on the first day of school. They could decorate it any way they wanted. My only requirement was that they put their name on the front.  Prior to the last day of school, I had a student helper take down all the hand prints and return them to each student. The hand prints were a nice souvenir of our year together.

Do you decorate your classroom door? What is your favorite display?

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