Thursday, October 29, 2015

Product for Payday Linky!

Once a month, those of us at Focused on Fifth will be participating in a product linky. Each of us will highlight a favorite product from our store.

My class's current favorites are my KABOOM! games. They have so much fun they barely realize they are learning. Not familiar with KABOOM? Here is how you play. You take the question and KABOOM! strips and place them in a can or paper bag. I like using Pringles cans.

The first student picks a strip and solves the problem. Another students checks the answer on the answer key. If correct, the students keeps the strip. If the students is incorrect, the strip goes back in the container. The next player then removes a strip and answers the question. If a KABOOM! slip is drawn, the player must put all their strips back in the can. The winner is the student with the most slips at the end of playing time.

Do your students need extra practice with place value? How about adding and subtracting decimals? My KABOOM! growing bundle includes all my KABOOM! games for a discounted price. Since it is a "growing bundle" I will be updating it each time I create a new KABOOM! game. That means if you buy the bundle now, you will be able to download the updated version at no additional cost to you. So the earlier you buy, the more you save. Since it is our fist Product for Payday linky, I am putting my KABOOM! bundle on sale. From now until November 1st you can get this bundle for only $6. That's an extra dollar off the already low price. These three games would cost you $9 if purchased separately. So head to my store and check it out.

Now head over to Focused on Fifth and see all the fabulous products my blog buddies are sharing.

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