Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Made It - For my office.

To say my home office is out of control is an understatement. It was so bad that I refused to take a "before" picture. This past week I spent a bunch of time getting it under control. My biggest problem was that I didn't have any storage. I had a desk with a few small drawers and that was it. So a purchased this...

And turned it into this....

You see I have this awful habit of getting really excited about a product I have just purchased and I print it off right away. Then I run out of time and never finish cutting out the cards or I don't have a chance to laminate. This would result in card stock scattered all over my office. Now I have a place to put it all. 

I also needed a place to put all the little things. So I made mini versions of the drawers above.

These little guys fit perfectly on my desk.
So it is all starting to come together. Now I just have to find a place for all the other stuff!

How do you organize your home office?


  1. I have to do this to all my plastic drawers too! I think next I'm going to venture on to spraypainting them! I made a calendar for 2014-2015 to help stay organized. You can see it here.

    Mrs. Harris

    1. I still use a "hard copy" calendar as well. Writing it down helps me stay on track.

      Quinnessential Lessons


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