Sunday, February 28, 2016

Product for Pay Day!

It's once again time for Focus on Fifth's Products for Pay Day Linky!

This is my best selling product on TpT and surprisingly it was one of my first that I posted. I have since given it a much needed make-over. So if you already own it, you can download the updated version of free.

This product has come a long way. Long before I ever heard of Teachers Pay Teachers I had several sets of index cards with improper fractions and mixed numbers hand-written on them. Even then it was a favorite game of my 5th graders. Once I discovered TpT and the wonders of PowerPoint I knew I needed to give this game a make-over.

This is what it first looked like.....

And my new updated version.......

Boy did it need a make over.

 Now that my children are old enough to play, it's a great way for them to review converting mixed numbers and improper fractions.
 Just like regular Go Fish, the goal of this game is to make the most pairs. The catch is that each improper fraction matches the equivalent mixed number.
You can also use it to play memory. Flip all the cards over and take turns trying to find a match. To make it easier, you can divide the game board into two sections. Put the mixed numbers on one side and the improper fractions on the other. Students would then pick one card from each section. This will make it easier to get a match.
 Does this sound like a game your students would like? It is currently on sale at my TpT store for 50% off until Friday.

What type of games do you use to teach fractions? I would love for you to tell about it in the comments below.

Don't forget to head over to Focused on Fifth and see the other Pay Day Products that are being promoted.

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