Thursday, August 27, 2015

What a Difference a Coat of Paint Makes!

The summer is winding down and I am trying to wrap up all the items on my summer "to-do" list.

I have never been one to do a theme for my classroom. Although this year is no different I am sticking to a basic color scheme as I make some much needed updates to my classroom.

Some of my furniture was looking a bit shabby. So I decided to do some painting. It's hard to see from the picture but this bench was bright red with lots of black scuff marks on it.

After a few coats of paint it looks like new.

These stools are perfect for extra seating. They slide right under the table when not in use so they take up no space at all. But they definitely needed an update. 

I spray painted the legs black and painted the seats a light aqua.

My desk is an old, ugly, metal desk that weighs a ton. It needed an update as well. (And I forgot to take a "before" pic so this is a "during" pic.)

After some contact paper and these great banners by Kayse Morris my desk looks brand new. Did I mention you could download Kayse's banners for free? Check them out here!

I also covered my crate seats with some new bright blue material. 

It's amazing at what a little paint, contact paper, and material does to spruce up the classroom.

Have you made any updates in your classroom this year? I would love to hear about them.

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