Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Keeping It Fun!

My students have just completed their first round of testing. We have lots more to cover before the math testing begins next month. I need to continue to move through the curriculum but at the same time these guys need a break.

We are just about finished with our fraction unit. We have added, subtracted, and multiplied fractions. All that is left is division. As a way to help the students understand that a fraction is also a division problem I used Fun Flaps from Scholastic. This particular book covers fraction and decimal concepts.

These Fun Flaps were created to reinforce changing improper fractions to mixed/whole numbers. I used them to help the students connect that a fraction is a division problem.

After all the testing, the students appreciated a more laid back math class. I enjoyed being able to continue with the curriculum while the students had fun learning.


  1. Those look fun! I always called those "cootie catchers." I suppose "fun flaps" is a better name.....haha!

    Mind Sparks

    1. Katie,
      That's what my students call them too! They also call them fortune tellers. Whatever you call them, the kids love them.



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