Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Post-It Notes: For quick assessment

I love Post-It notes. I use them all the time. One of my favorite ways to utilized post-it notes is to use them as exit tickets. It's a quick and easy formative assessment. I prefer using post-it notes over creating specific exit slips for two reasons. The first is that I hate photocopying. I will do anything to avoid it. Second, there have been too many times where I have prepared an exit ticket and not made it through the entire lesson leaving the exit ticket useless. When you use post-it notes you can quickly create and update what is asked at the end of the lesson.

I used this problem at the end of our lesson on multiplying decimals. The students could use the strategy that they preferred. This student used repeat addition

This student drew a picture to prove his answer.

This quick assessment shows me who "gets it" and who doesn't. I put a star on the paper if the problem is correct. If there are mistakes, I make the corrections. This does not take much of my time and it gives the students personal feedback that they love. 

Do you use exit tickets at the end of your lessons?

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