Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently December and TpT Cyber Monday Sale

Once again I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently.

Listening to the rain. It has been a wet fall and I am hoping for a mild winter. There was just too much snow last year.

Loving this four day weekend and selfishly wishing it was even longer. Never enough time to accomplish all that I want.

Thinking I need a secretary. Honestly I love just about everything about my job EXCEPT for grading papers.

Wanting my Christmas shopping to be done. I didn't set foot in a mall all weekend!!!!

Needing to get my office organized. Needing to get furniture to help get me organized.

Favorite Tradition - going to Maine and spending New Year's Eve with our friends is one of my favorites - although it was hard to pick.

I am very excited about the upcoming TpT sale on Cyber Monday and Tuesday. I have so many items on my wish list I don't know where to begin. All of my items are on sale for 20% off, even my bundles! If you enter the promo code CYBER at check out you will save 28%!

I have 68 items on my wishlist! It will be far less than that after tomorrow. How many items are on your wish list? 

Happy Shopping!


  1. Umm, my wishlist it very long. I have not even counted. I probably need to do that! Good luck tomorrow and Tuesday!

  2. I didn't do any shopping this weekend either. I was enjoying family and relaxing. :)

  3. Found you on Farley! I too am wishing this weekend was longer!


    Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

  4. I would be afraid to count up the items on my wishlist! Not sure I can count that high...

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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